Vice- Presidents letter (taken from the OPEA June e-newsletter)

Vice- Presidents letter (taken from the OPEA June e-newsletter)

Welcome to this edition of the OPEA e-newsletter.

It has been a long year for the OPEA Executives with the re-launch of our web site, ramping up on the emissions front, modernising how industry statistics are collected, and the continued development of the OPE training and apprenticeship program.

The Executives have been very active and need to be congratulated on their effort and commitment.

Our new web site has a new lay out, look and feel to better communicate the issues affecting our industry – ahead of the new 2014/2015 season.

Our true level of success depends on our ability to capture your industry voice. We encourage you to give serious thought to sharing your concerns and needs. We are always looking for contributors to assist – either at Executive level or on sub committees. It is important to have representatives from all membership types, and we strongly encourage you to join the team.

Go to the web site to learn about our emissions response and training program development. You can check out the new web site out here.

Our next AGM is in August 2014 at the Australian Golf Club in Sydney, and we would encourage all members to attend and contribute to the Association.  I’m sure you’ll agree there has been a lot of change since our last AGM, and there is much more to come.

Gareth Taylor

OPEA Vice President