As Australia moves away from waste disposal and into a circular economy, product stewardship will play a key role. Circular economy will impact every industry sector.

Product stewardship acknowledges those involved in designing, manufacturing, and selling products have a responsibility to ensure those products or materials are managed in a way that reduces their environmental and human health impacts, throughout the life-cycle and across the supply chain. It aims to drive environmentally beneficial outcomes through good design and clean manufacturing, including the use of components and materials that are easier to recover, reuse and recycle.

The Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence will be hosting the second Product Stewardship Excellence Awards in 2022. The awards aim to recognise excellence and action in product stewardship and seek to raise the profile of stewardship in business, government and NGOs.

There are six award categories open for entry in 2022. An additional category, Product Stewardship Champion of the Year, will be directly conferred by the Centre of Excellence.

The 2022 award categories are:

  1. Best Stewardship Outcomes – Collective Scheme
  2. Best Stewardship Outcomes – Individual Business or Brand (Large 200+ employees)
  3. Best Stewardship Outcomes – Individual Business or Brand (SME < 199 employees)
  4. Excellence in Digitalisation for Product Stewardship
  5. Excellence in Emissions Reduction through Product Stewardship
  6. Excellence in Design for Product Stewardship


To view the awards prospectus and apply for the awards, click here: