The Bulletin Board has been introduced to keep members informed of changes that will affect their work places. This may include legislation/regulations, events, employment and training updates.

MARCH AI GROUP NEWSLETTER No. 3 March 24, 2016 11:37 am

You can view the March AI Group Newsletter no. 3 here.

This issue includes:

  • LIVE DEBATE 12.30: Ai Group and CFMEU on IR election battleground
  • ABCC and Registered Organisations Bills must be passed
  • May 3 Budget: What’s Important To You?
  • 10-Year Maths Plan Highlights Workforce Needs
  • Competition Law ‘Effects Test’ To Be Watched Closely
  • Chocolate Manufacturers Commit To Ethical, Sustainable Cocoa


MARCH AI GROUP NEWSLETTER NO. 2 March 18, 2016 9:49 am

You can view the March AI Group Newsletter no. 2 here.

This issue includes:

  • When workplace gossip bites back
  • Don’t swallow myths on casual employment
  • Road Safety Tribunal Should Go Slow On Remuneration Order
  • Victorian Manufacturing Pipeline In Train
  • Did You See These Tech Trends Coming?


MARCH AI GROUP NEWSLETTER NO. 1 March 4, 2016 9:10 am

You can view the March AI Group Newsletter no. 1 here.

This issue includes:

  • Union claims threaten thousands of casual jobs
  • Manufacturing growth strongest since 2010
  • Defence White Paper To Bring “New Industrial Landscape”
  • Labor’s ‘Sham Contracting’ Proposals Need Work
  • QLD Plots 10-Year Roadmap To Manufacturing’s Future
  • For Lease: Busiest Container Port In Australia


FEBRUARY AI GROUP NEWSLETTER NO.3 February 26, 2016 9:50 am

You can view the February AI Group Newsletter no. 3 here.

This issue includes:

  • Innovation, skills and tax reform top Budget wish-list
  • Treading the wire: secret recordings in the workplace
  • Innovative Project Develops Leadership Skills For Manufacturing
  • Inquiry To Probe Anti-Dumping Measures For Steel Industry
  • Is It Bribery – Or Just Business?


UPDATE : The Introduction of New Emission Standards February 25, 2016 1:24 pm

The year is progressing quickly and we would like to keep members updated on the timelines for the introduction of the new emissions standards.

Please be aware that this is a “best guess”.  Cabinet reshuffles or an early election would change our advice.

The draft legislation should be completed around April, at which time there will be consultation with OPEA and other parties.  That should see the Bill introduced by the Environment Minister in May and passed by the Senate in June.   The Regulations, which contain all the important details, will follow shortly after, perhaps July.

Canberra have heard our advice and we have heard no objections.   OPEA has recommended implementation of Phase 2 in July 2017, and the introduction of Evaporative standards and implementation of Phase 3 in July of 2019 (in line with EU).

OPEA are continuing to support our members and the sector generally across several issues to ensure the sustainability of our Industry and that the new laws are not an excessive burden on business.

OPEA Executive Committee