About Us

The Outdoor Power Equipment Association was incorporated in the early 1990’s to assist and support the manufacturers, distributors and dealers in the industry. Over time the needs of the members have changed and we have responded to provide appropriate assistance.

The Executive includes manufacturers, distributors and dealers ensuring all member categories are represented at board level. This provides a balanced and fair approach and also provides awareness of the issues which are impacting our members.

The Executive meets regularly and members are encouraged to contact them and advise of issues affecting their business, new ideas, or just to connect. You can contact one of our Executive members or send us an email.

Executive Members

Milan Mejak

Milan commenced work in the OPE industry in 1994 and has a background in toolmaking and formally studied engineering. Having trained at the Commonwealth Ordnance Factory Maribyrnong, he held various technical roles in the Australian Public Service and worked with Victoria University in their Mechanical Engineering Department. In 1994 aged 32, Milan commenced a product development role with Honda MPE. Shortly after, his first major project involved forming a joint alliance with Rover Mowers to build the Honda HRU173 Lawnmower. Since that time, he feels like a part of him exists in every Australian produced Honda Lawnmower! Milan loves this industry and its people and cannot see himself working elsewhere.

Robbie Raymer
Vice President

Robbie started with Masport back in 1993 as an Area Manager in the Victorian market after 5 years of retail experience prior to starting this role. Over his career in the OPE, he has worked for 3 suppliers in various sales roles at both state and national level, and has been in his current role as National Sales Manager with Masport since 2007 located in Melbourne office. Robbie is also qualified with Certificate IV in both “Workplace & Business Coaching” and also “Business Frontline Management” during his time working within the industry. Robbie has been on the OPEA board since 2018.

Shae Matthews

7 years working in the outdoor power industry exclusively for MTD as the Technical & Warranty for ANZ  

Peter Wallace

Peter has spent all but one year of his working career in the OPE industry, starting in 1982 with FMC Bolens as a parts clerk and sales rep and then working  as a rep in the joint venture between Bolens & Morrison. When Masport acquired Morrison, Peter decided to leave the industry and work in his father's panel beating business - "The year was really enjoyable and a nice break from office work - and gave a little more time to enjoy playing football, culminating in winning the premiership with Prahran in the VFA in 1987". An approach by David Cox from Masport to join the business as National Sales manager lured Peter back and started an 18 year association with Masport in Australia and three years with Masport NZ heading up Marketing and Sales. Peter then joined Briggs and has just passed 15 years with Briggs and Stratton Australia.

Brian Goodridge

Brian first started in the turf industry in 1986 as a technician with Rover Mowers, moving into Service Manager and then Sales Manager roles before transferring to Toro in 1998. With Toro he has had experience within Golf, Commercial, Contractor and Consumer equipment portfolios before moving into his current role as Product Marketing Manager, Equipment. He also holds a Bachelor of Business (Information Systems) degree and Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Stephen Kenna

Stephen commenced in OPE Industry in March 2012 and he has been with EPG Engines for 8 years. Through this time, Stephen gained experience in spare parts, technical and service, warranty, sales and administration.

Larry Blamer

I have grown up in the OPE industry in the US, beginning when my family opened a dealership in 1975. I moved to work with an independent multi-line distributor, another international manufacturer and then selling lawn mowers before ending up with STIHL. I worked in various locations and positions with STIHL across the US for 26 years before moving to Australia. I have been here in our Melbourne office as Managing Director since July 2017. This industry is in my blood. I feel that having been a dealer and then working in multi-line distribution and directly for manufacturers across positions from technical roles, sales, marketing and management I can see the industry from many viewpoints and truly understand what dealers experience during both good and tough times. My wife and I are enjoying Australia and find the people lovely and I really appreciate the number of independent businesses here. It is nice to still have locally owned and operated restaurants rather than large chains. The fierce independence of Australia reverberates throughout our industry and provides the spark that drives some of the fantastic power equipment dealers that can be found all across this nation.

What all our members must adhere to


Truth in Advertising
All member must ensure that any statements or claims made (written or verbal) in relation to products endorsed or services rendered, are truthful and accurate representations which can be substantiated. All members must comply with Australian Consumer Law

Fair Dealings
Our members shall always be respectful, fair and honest in all their dealings with clients, suppliers, employees, contractors, the public and other Association members.

Public Welfare
Decisions made by the OPEA leadership team and by our membership shall always consider the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Environment Responsibility
Our member’s all understand the role that a healthy environment plays in people’s lives. Therefore, we will always act in promoting cleaner and healthier outcomes for our communities and the environment.

Members shall ensure that any personal or customer contact details are always treated and handled in the strictest confidence. Additionally, internal business documents, information papers, modelling, IP, research or data associated with the dealings of the OPEA or its clients, suppliers and associates; marked as “Confidential” or “Commercial in Confidence” are always treated in the same manner.

Association Objectives
Members shall ensure that all their business activities, public statements and actions are consistent with the objectives of the Association.

Deal with Reputable Individuals
Members will actively maintain the dignity and integrity of the Association by conducting business honestly and ethically with individuals of good character.

Ongoing Professional Development
Members are encouraged to continue their professional development and as required, assist or mentor other Association members to develop their experience and knowledge.

Report Breaches by Members
If members become aware of an apparent breach of any of the Association rules by a member, or applicant for membership, they will immediately report the apparent breach to the Association.

Report Breaches by Non-Members
Members who become aware of a non-member operating in, or making improper or disingenuous statements about, the Power Equipment Industry or its Association, shall promptly report the matter to the Association.