The Outdoor Power Equipment Association (OPEA) promotes the growth of the Australian Outdoor Power Equipment Industry for the benefit of all participants in the supply chain from manufacturers to consumers. Through our involvement in various industry and compliance-related projects, the OPEA has forged many strong relationships with state and federal government bodies. We proudly continue to work to respect and defend the best interests of our members. We strive to keep members informed timely and accurately regarding the issues which affect our industry. Please read more about us!

To support our mission, we offer a range of services and assistance to members through:

  • Leadership and cooperation
  • Information via our web site, newsletters, meeting minutes
  • We are a key source of power equipment industry statistics
  • Training apprenticeships/traineeships advice and direction
  • Industry representation to government
  • Advice on regulation changes
  • Best business practice

We listen and act on what is important to our members and we encourage members to share their concerns and ideas. The OPEA provides a strong and united voice for manufacturers, distributors and dealers in the outdoor power equipment industry sector.

The Association is supported by the Australian Industry Group.


Executive Committee Meeting – advice

February 12 2021, 04:44 pm

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Access to Market Data through OPEA

December 03 2020, 11:46 am

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Job Keeper Fact Sheets – businesses, employers and employees

March 31 2020, 04:13 pm

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Some of our Members Include: