Careers & Training

The OPEA is dedicated to the sustainability and growth of the outdoor power and equipment industry across Australia. To achieve this we have developed an apprenticeship/traineeship with the support of the OPEA Training Sub Committee, dealers and manufacturers to meet the needs of the industry now and for the future.

Globally, accredited courses are delivered online through Tafe’s, Universities and other registered training organisations with great success. To ensure we are able to meet the needs of our students, manufacturers and specialist dealers, we have developed an accredited online training program for our Industry. The training has been designed to foster continual improvement and offer flexibility. The introduction of videoed workplace assessment will allow students to complete the online material at a time that works best for them and their employer. The training package has been successfully trialled over the last 12 months.

Traditionally our industry apprentices and trainees have been trained in automotive, motorcycle and marine. These streams have paved the way for students to become disengaged from the OPE sector, leaving the industry to chase the glamour of the more recognised sectors.

OPE online specific training eliminates down time for the business as the student does not attend classes offsite. This virtual option provides flexibility for the student and employer, plus allows for an increase in mentoring 1:1 on OPE product. Several units combine written assessments and video evidence, such as repairs and diagnostics.

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Assessments are marked by the assessor offsite. Recordings of unit related repairs captured by the student in the workplace are submitted then viewed prior to the assessor awarding a final result for the student.

Online training is being adopted and implemented by the OPEA to secure the future for our mower shops, workshops and specialized technicians.

Dealers can contact our Training Sub Committee Chair for information on enrolling their staff in the course. Or, if you are a student working in the industry with a dealer or manufacturer you can contact the Training Sub-Committee Chair to learn more about the course options. Email

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